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This smartphone model is not the first bendable display product to be manufactured by Samsung.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android : Donwload Updated Version

Photo Editing Apps for Android: Nowadays photo editing is one of the most popular and trending tool for beautifying picture images. Normally everyone likes to edit their photos, especially when the photo is perfect, so they got opportunities to make it complete with the help of editing. There are many ways of editing photos as you can either make it fairer images, dark, blur and much more but normally most of the peoples choose it to make the picture fairer and more attractive. Generally, with the help of photo editing you can crop your images, changes the colors and shape of the images, portrait it, collages and much more so you can definitely enjoy editing your picture by choosing your favorite editing apps which are suitable and best for you. Normally all the photo editing apps are best, but you would certainly love the particular apps which make you perfect.

Best 6 Photo Editing Apps For Android OS Phone & Tablet:

Most of the photo editing is perfect but certainly some are more popular due to its amazing features. So these are the best photo editing apps that have mention below through which you can enjoy editing your imperfect images and make it perfect forever:

Snapseed: #1 ranked Snapseed in Photo editing Apps segment and it is primarily an app for retouching and adding filters, so you don’t get freeform drawing brushes for scribbling all over your photos. However, there are text and frames tools. Note that you can use the Text tool multiple times, in order to add several separate and individually styled (size; angle; font; colour; opacity) pieces of text. Just confirm one text edit, and then reselect Text from the Tools menu. Sure some photos need more editing than others, but I truly believe that every photo could use the power of editing to go from a good photo to a great one. When it comes to taking photos on iPhone, the app store has tons of apps that come with hundreds of presets and filters that promise instant transformations for your photos. And yes, filters can help with editing, but its definitely not just that.

PicsArt Photo Studio: This is one of the best photo editing apps that is loved by everyone especially for its cool features. PicsArt has been popular since by the time it was first introduced, and it has accumulated over 250 millions of users. PicsArt is one of the most trending apps in this modern world and especially for its amazing features such as light editing tools, stickers, filters, portraits and collages through which you can add several pictures in one photo. PicsArt can help you boast over 100 editing tools as well as you can share the images with your friends on different social networking sites.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro: This is also one of the most popular Apps for editing pictures with many cool and fun features. You will love these very apps for editing your photos since it will help you to enjoy all the features that have been provided for you, such as you can crop your images, changes the colors, filter it and select the best stickers for your images. Most importantly Bonfire photo editor comes with certain tools such as Fancy which will automatically make your pictures turn into watercolor as well as it has various editing tools through which you can remove your blemishes of your photo and make it smooth fair and beautiful.

Photo Effects Pro: Photo Effects Pro is one of the best App for the peoples who likes to edit each and every photo by adding various filters, changing the effects of the photo and add trendy cute stickers. It is popular for having the coolest features through which you will get the opportunities to edit your images in your own classy styles. Photo effects pro usually boast more than 40 filters and change the effects with great ability. You can frame your images and also add text in the images and much more. It also has an ability to paint your photos with your fingers and make it something unique and classy.


So, above mentioned are some of the best apps through which you can enjoy editing your images and make it more classy, beautiful and trendy. You will be able to share your images confidently with any of your friends, as well as you can upload your images to any social media sites.

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Samsung has continued to generate more latest display formats for mobile phones.


Microsoft also obtained patent right for their Microsoft's Surface Book in 2015. Samsung bendable smartphone's axis is similar to Microsoft Surface Book bendable pivot.


This flexible device make use of a bendable display technology. One major challenge faced by manufacturers of this technology was glass-because glass is thick, heavy and does not bend.


The popular Samsung Galaxy Note7 was widely accepted and embraced by the market until its gadgets started getting burnt and exploding when charged by users.