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This smartphone model is not the first bendable display product to be manufactured by Samsung.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android : Donwload Updated Version

Photo Editing Apps for Android: Nowadays photo editing is one of the most popular and trending tool for beautifying picture images. Normally everyone likes to edit their photos, especially when the photo is perfect, so they got opportunities to make it complete with the help of editing. There are many ways of editing photos as you can either make it fairer images, dark, blur and much more but normally most of the peoples choose it to make the picture fairer and more attractive. Generally, with the help of photo editing you can crop your images, changes the colors and shape of the images, portrait it, collages and much more so you can definitely enjoy editing your picture by choosing your favorite editing apps which are suitable and best for you. Normally all the photo editing apps are best, but you would certainly love the particular apps which make you perfect.

Best 6 Photo Editing Apps For Android OS Phone & Tablet:

Most of the photo editing is perfect but certainly some are more popular due to its amazing features. So these are the best photo editing apps that have mention below through which you can enjoy editing your imperfect images and make it perfect forever:

Snapseed: #1 ranked Snapseed in Photo editing Apps segment and it is primarily an app for retouching and adding filters, so you don’t get freeform drawing brushes for scribbling all over your photos. However, there are text and frames tools. Note that you can use the Text tool multiple times, in order to add several separate and individually styled (size; angle; font; colour; opacity) pieces of text. Just confirm one text edit, and then reselect Text from the Tools menu. Sure some photos need more editing than others, but I truly believe that every photo could use the power of editing to go from a good photo to a great one. When it comes to taking photos on iPhone, the app store has tons of apps that come with hundreds of presets and filters that promise instant transformations for your photos. And yes, filters can help with editing, but its definitely not just that.

PicsArt Photo Studio: This is one of the best photo editing apps that is loved by everyone especially for its cool features. PicsArt has been popular since by the time it was first introduced, and it has accumulated over 250 millions of users. PicsArt is one of the most trending apps in this modern world and especially for its amazing features such as light editing tools, stickers, filters, portraits and collages through which you can add several pictures in one photo. PicsArt can help you boast over 100 editing tools as well as you can share the images with your friends on different social networking sites.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro: This is also one of the most popular Apps for editing pictures with many cool and fun features. You will love these very apps for editing your photos since it will help you to enjoy all the features that have been provided for you, such as you can crop your images, changes the colors, filter it and select the best stickers for your images. Most importantly Bonfire photo editor comes with certain tools such as Fancy which will automatically make your pictures turn into watercolor as well as it has various editing tools through which you can remove your blemishes of your photo and make it smooth fair and beautiful.


How To Download Vidmate App on Your PC | Tutorial

Vidmate These present days surfing internets is one of the favorite pastimes for every individual. Therefore everyone nowadays is looking for the best applications where they can stream videos online listen to songs and watch their favorite movies. So, if you are also searching for one of the best application like this than I would say that it is perfect applications for you. With this application you can do multiples of tasks such as you can access the downloading from the various popular hosting sites. This app will also help you to download all the files in different qualities and also give you the opportunities to download everything with full supports of HD and enjoy all the entertainments clearly. Check Vidmate Alternatives for Android below.

Vidmate Apk is one of the most popular and trending applications for downloading songs, videos, and movies of HD without any hazardous. Therefore this app is completely safe for you to use. Vidmate apps contain more than 200 channels of televisions to stream for free absolutely as well as it got the capacity to download unlimited HD videos. The vid mate app is downloaded and enjoyed by millions of users all across the world and its features have made the users very interesting and user-friendly. So ultimately anyone can download the applications of Vidmate and get a great experience enjoying the entertainments.

Vidmate Alternatives or Similar Apps for Android:

There are multiples of applications that are similar to Vidmate, and as usual, you can browse and download unlimited videos, songs, and movies from the various popular host sites and even stream it online. Check here how to vidmate download with bluestack Apk. So gradually you may find some days that Vidmate is not responding properly due to millions of users browsing the same applications of Vidmate so for that conditions you can try out using the alternatives applications of  Vidmate. Check out the best applications of  Vidmate alternatives given below:


Best VPN for Firestick | The Most Popular VPNs of 2020‎

With an increasing number of employees working casually, either from on the go or home, enterprises require a style to secure the communications with a corporate system of connections. One solution for the same is a VPN that stands for a virtual private network, that enables an employee to safely transmit data between the computers across the public or shared network.

How Does The VPN Function?

A virtual private network involves the transmission of an encrypted data covered with the header consisting of routing information. the process allows the data to travel safely over the public or shared network in order to arrive at its endpoint. Data packets elapsed over the general network in the way are not readable without a decryption keys, hence, making sure that data isn’t changed or disclosed during the transmission. From the perspective of the user, the virtual private network connection is an end-to-end connection between a user's system and the corporate steward. The nature of a public network is extraneous to the user as it seems as the data is simply being shipped over the dedicated personal link.

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VPNs Go On To Improve The Wi-Fi Security

Many of the mobile workers go on to use the public Wi-Fi in order to access the corporate data, more than 1/3rd never utilizes a virtual private network to safeguard their data despite2/3rd are worried about the public Wi-Fi safety, according to the survey by the iPass. VPN stays a viable alternative for safeguarding data transmitted over the public Wi-Fi.

In an enterprise, the virtual private networkis used in several of the ways, including the remote access for the users connecting to a corporate network right from a mobile device or home, the intranet connections in the middle of fixed locations like the branch offices, the extranet connections alongsidethe business partners like customers& suppliers, and WAN that is wide area network,a replacement for the geographically scattered networks.

As a replacement of WAN, a virtual private network can well be a lot cheaper as it needs less overhead in order to offer and maintain better scalability. But network reliability & the performance may become a problem, particularly when the connections are burrowed via the Internet.

The Risks OfVPN And The Must-Have Safety Features

Isvirtual private network safe, one may ask? Absolutely, there are safety risks linked with the VPNs which include the VPN hijacking, where an unauthorized enjoyer takes over thevirtual private network connection from the remote client. To resolve these risks, the enterprisemust consider an additional virtual private network security characteristic when choosing the VPN item. These include the must-have safety attributes include:


Each task might also be assigned various Contexts. Simple shortcuts permit you to see your total list externally. You are able to directly force quit an app using a keyboard shortcut, with no of the intervening steps mentioned in the past methods above. If you would like to send a screenshot of a particular error for your IT support guy to review, Mac has a fast shortcut to it. Now choose the app from the list of all of the available running apps and that app is going to be killed. In case the app is frontmost, it's running.

How to Fix Mac Task Manager Force Quit Error

You can obviously give the app a while to resolve its issue, but if the issue persists then the app will require closing and launching again. The Network Activity option is a helpful one for the reason that it shows a live chart of the online activity and you'll be able to monitor the development of a download, see whether it has stalled, check that internet applications are in fact working, and so forth. Then again, whenever an app isn't responding you will able to do mac task manager force quit, you might have no other recourse to do than that.

Creating tasks is a significant portion of a task manager. Utilizing the Terminal program will get you the remainder of the manner. The easiest one is to use Spotlight for a fast search.

In all instances, a succinct description of the contents of the clipboard is also offered at the base of the screen. The Task Calendar displays items for a particular date. When you copy another kind of file, like an image, in many instances only the file name displays.

Pick the application that you want to close. Pick the Customize Tags from near the base of the drop-down menu. Based on your uTorrent settings, you might also be prompted for a password.

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More advancement in smartphone technology may be witnessed in year 2017.Samsung Electronics Co. is one of the leading companies producing several high-technology models of smartphones.The company has continued to show advancements in display technology that have paved the way for more improvements in latest smartphones. Latest smartphone technology proposed by Samsung Electronics Co. is the Samsung's bendable display technology. Bendable display technology means the production of a smartphone or a tablet that can be bent.These bendable smartphones may be produced and launched into the market this year.

Reports on the internet shows that Samsung Electronics Co. recently applied for a copyright of this technology in April 2016 with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.They also applied for an utility permit with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2016 with the publication number US 2016-0187994 A1 and named it, “Electronic Device with Flexible Display".The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved this patent describing it as a smartphone with a bendable display, a screen that bends inward and a mechanical pivot at the center.Samsung employs the use of organic LED technology for the bendable display of this device.Samsung has used OLED technology in most of their previously produced smartphones.This smartphone model would be the foremost flexible smartphone in the telecommunications industry.Samsung had suffered some setbacks in smartphone production in previous years. The popular Samsung Galaxy Note7 was widely accepted and embraced by the market until its gadgets started getting burnt and exploding when charged by users.

This led to series of charges and lawsuit against the company and several unpalatable incidents.The company decided to recall back all such phones that were sent into the market at a cost of two billion dollars.The company stopped the sales of Galaxy Note 7 everywhere thereby running at a loss of about five billion dollars and ninety five percent of their annual profit.This new bendable smartphone technology with organic LED technology might help the company increase their sales, make more profit, regain their losses and rebuild their company’s image.


How The Flexible Electronics Device Works

This flexible device make use of a bendable display technology. One major challenge faced by manufacturers of this technology was glass-because glass is thick,  heavy and does not bend. The present technology used for flexible display is the organic LED (LightEmitting Diode) technology. OLED is a rising display technology that provides amazing, useful displays and lighting panels. A bendable OLED is made on a flexible material such as plastic, metal or a bendable glass.

The metal and plastic substrate are usually not heavy, they are thin and durable. As stated in Samsung’s copyright application, the smartphone model would have an 8-inch screen when opened and a 5-inch screen when used as a handset. The patent application images shows that the two screens functions together in a single phone. It also reveals a pivot uniquely designed to make the phone straight and keep it fit when folded.

Other details are yet to be publicized.

It is good to note that  many parts of a normal non-flexible smartphone functions distinctly. Besides the working and bendable display, builders of this technology will have to develop a suitable non-removable battery that does not overheat and functions effectively when the device is bent or straightened.

In Comparison With Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft also obtained patent right for their Microsoft’s Surface Book in 2015. Samsung bendable smartphone’s axis is similar to Microsoft Surface Book bendable pivot. Samsung’s pivot is almost the same as Microsoft’s multi-pivot armadillo pivot which has a pending copyright proposal with the United States Patent and Trademark Office with publication number US 2016- 0132075 A1. Right violation cases may arise when the products are finally released into the market in countries wherein it can be sold. This is because Samsung applied for a copyright for their bendable device technology in the same year Microsoft’s patent application was rejected. Users of the firstbatch of Microsoft’s Surface Book produced complained that dust usually settle inside the pivot. But patent images of the Samsung’s bendable device reveals that it’s pivot has a distinct arrangement in which each bend curves in such a way that it fits into the next. Samsung’s copyright application also shows that the pivot can function in a way that the device can be bent and unfolded quickly.

Project Valley

In 2015, Samsung made known it’s bendable display technology and named the research, Project Valley. This smartphone model is not the first bendable display product to be manufactured by Samsung. There are many expectations from people about this smartphone technology. One expectation is that it would soon be released and named as Galaxy X. Galaxy Note Edge was produced in 2014 with this same bendable technology having a curved screen. Samsung is the largest supplier of organic LED panels used especially for production of mobile smartphones. Samsung has continued to generate more latest display formats for mobile phones.

They are extensively using this organic LED technology to initiate bigger orders that might place them ahead of their competitors after the financial setback they experienced.
The recent technology makes it possible to design slimmer smartphones with the ability to display sharper and brighter photos, images and videos without reducing the battery life as phones with LCD screen do. Lovers and users of latest technological gadgets are eagerly waiting to see these interesting features in Samsung’s Project Valley that may be launched in 2017.

Project Valley

One expectation is that it would soon be released and named as Galaxy X. Galaxy Note Edge was produced in 2014 with this same bendable technology having a curved screen. Samsung is the largest supplier of organic LED panels used especially for production of mobile smartphones.

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New Apps

Samsung has continued to generate more latest display formats for mobile phones.


Microsoft also obtained patent right for their Microsoft's Surface Book in 2015. Samsung bendable smartphone's axis is similar to Microsoft Surface Book bendable pivot.


This flexible device make use of a bendable display technology. One major challenge faced by manufacturers of this technology was glass-because glass is thick, heavy and does not bend.


The popular Samsung Galaxy Note7 was widely accepted and embraced by the market until its gadgets started getting burnt and exploding when charged by users.